ISO Approves Siemens’ JT Data Format as an International Standard for Lightweight 3D Information

By Joe Barkai – December 18, 2012
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Earlier this week, the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) has recognized Siemens’ JT data format as an international standard for viewing and sharing lightweight 3D product information. ISO IS14306 provides a detailed description of the JT data format, enabling corporations and software vendors to leverage JT in their PLM workflow and software applications. ISO now has the rights to publish and distribute the JT File Format Reference to the general marketplace.

The availability of an open data format standard that is governed by an international standards body is an important step towards improving visual communication and collaboration throughout the product lifecycle. While all PLM vendors offer some degree of openness and claim to be able to manage competitors' CAD information, manufacturers always have concerns about the fidelity of CAD file translators. In some industries these concerns are so deeply rooted that suppliers are not only required to deliver information using the customer's CAD system format, but also to generate the information using the same version and operating system as the customer's.

For manufacturers that have adopted JT or can do so, the availability of an open standard can translate into improved 3D visualization and collaboration throughout their business. At the same time, these companies will improve the fidelity and long term retention of product information at lower IT costs.

We do not expect that other PLM and CAD software vendors will switch to JT. However, it is a reasonable expectation that manufacturing companies will demand that their software application vendor provides certified JT output natively, as opposed to relying on the vendor's or third party translators. 

Do you think that industry will migrate to JT or will the status quo prevail?


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