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By Kimberly Knickle – March 7, 2013
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At Infor's February 2013 analyst summit at its new offices in New York City, the company shared more detail on its product strategy, expanding on its progress with Infor10, 10x, and Intelligent Open Network (ION), how new technologies such as big data, cloud, mobile, and social will move the products forward, and the importance of experience-focused design to Infor's success. This IDC Manufacturing Insights blog provides manufacturers with highlights on what they can expect from Infor going forward, how Infor will meet changing expectations in IT, and how Infor's strategy is incorporating new advances in technology.

Infor has grown through the years through a series of acquisitions, with Lawson as the most recent in 2011, and the fundamental components of Infor's product offerings include:

  • Infor's latest release 10x  - a set of "industry suites" of software components assembled and tailored to the specific requirements of a range of industries, or "microverticals" as Infor's CEO Charles Phillips likes to call them.  Infor continues to enhance Products acquired through the years to support specific microvertical needs, which also underscores Infor's promise to continue supporting customers on older or acquired products.
  • ION - a lightweight XML-based information interchange middleware architecture that loosely couples applications using XML, standard connectors to common applications, and a business flow engine. 

Additional Infor's technology enhancements also include cloud delivery of the applications, platform, innovation, and even localization as well as new investments in business intelligence (BI including analytics, reporting, dashboards, etc).   Other investments fall under what Infor is calling user experience, but that's an oversimplification, spanning mobile, social, in-context BI, and 'rich desktop'. 

To some extent, the event gave Infor a chance to change our perspective of Infor from mature to innovative.   This included showcasing a dramatic new workspace in NYC,  significant investments in transitioning how users work with Infor applications from tasks to personalized (ie more role based) experiences, and how Infor accelerates and introduces new innovation to the customer. All in all, it looks very good.  And while Infor shared some customer stories with us, what we want to hear next are from those customers that are making the most of the entire package - unique functionality for microverticals,  architectural enhancements that ease deployment in a heterogeneous environment and simplify change, and the four pillars - big data, cloud, mobile, and social.


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