Collaborative Product Development - Is Cloud the Answer?

By Amy Rowell – December 11, 2013
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Is a cloud infrastructure a practical alternative to "on-premise" deployment of Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) applications? The answer is, it depends. Quite often, companies that have invested heavily in building an infrastructure dedicated to supporting PLM as part of their product development process cite concerns about security and potential data loss, and may resist moving their PLM investments outside the corporate firewall. Even so, IDC Manufacturing Insights research indicates that implementations of PLM applications within manufacturing organizations are increasingly finding their way to the Cloud (see Fig 1).


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Amy Rowell

Research Manager, Product Lifecycle StrategiesIDC Manufacturing Insights

Amy Rowell is the Research Manager for IDC Manufacturing Insights' Product Lifecycle Strategies practice. Her research focuses on topics and challenges that relate to product lifecycle economics,…


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