2014 - A Changing Year for Manufacturers' IT Portfolios and IT Organizations

By Kimberly Knickle – December 12, 2013
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We're in the midst of our predictions season, including our 2014 Worldwide Manufacturing predictions and our "Emerging Agenda" predictions for manufacturers on what 2014 will bring for the technologies and topics that are changing the way manufacturers buy and use IT. We're taking a more optimistic look at the opportunities in 2014, with some recent indices giving us good reason to think we're being realistic. We're also encouraged by increasing investments that build upon 4 pillar technologies to serve the lines of business (supply chain, the plant floor, and product and services organizations).

To make substantial progress in 2014 and the coming years, we think there will be real change in how the IT organization works, not just because of new technology investments and possibilities, but also because its relationship with the rest of the business is changing.


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