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I recently attended CES 2018 held in Las Vegas, Nevada, to hear about connected product advances, including the latest with connected and autonomous vehicles and the ecosystem required to make this a reality— manufacturers, vendors, and services providers. What's clear is that CES continues to be an eclectic mix of consumer tech gadgets, home technology, smart cities, and autonomous vehicles, which collectively are transforming the way we live our personal and business lives.

The definition of what it means to manage the lifecycle of a product has evolved dramatically over the past 5-10 years to the point where Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) is no longer confined only to a single enterprise application. There are multiple tools and new technologies that enable easier collaboration across a disparate global design and development team that consists not only of engineers and R&D, but also business line, marketing, sales, manufacturing, and supply chain. This is why PLM software companies have opened and broadened their offerings to a product innovation platform, where multiple enterprise applications are tied together, with product and customer data at the core.

This blog highlights the key worldwide connected vehicle predictions that will impact the enterprise in the next three years and beyond, developed by a team of IDC analysts across product and service innovation, mobility, semi-conductor, and smart cities: Heather Ashton, Brian Haven, Nina Turner, Ruthbea Yesner, and Mark Zannoni.

Robots and the related technology is such a hot market right now. IDC projects the market for robotics and related technology and services to reach over $207 billion by 2021, a CAGR of 22% from 2016-2021. The bright future of this market is not going unnoticed by the venture capital community that has continued to inject cash into this growing market.

This IDC Manufacturing Insights blog provides highlights from a recent report that describes 36 specific use cases for digital transformation (DX) that are targeted at delivering greater customer engagement for manufacturers in their respective industries.

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