Changing Life Sciences Value Chain

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As I've discussed in my 2014 prediction of an industry shift towards one degree of separation, several sessions and the meeting keynote at the Drug Information Association annual meeting in San Diego, CA are focusing on better engaging patients as a key contributor to long term industry success. This greater engagement (enabled and empowered, in part, by tech innovation) has the potential to deliver a number of near term benefits to both patients and the industry while fundamentally changing the way that the industry interacts with patients and other key stakeholders.

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When it comes to pricing, pharmaceutical companies have always been focused on understanding their own particular country, and occasionally a regional view in places like EMEA, where trying to tie together some countries that have intersecting markets due to parallel trade can prove important. However, this limited, isolated view into pricing will soon no longer suffice, and may actually become a significant risk to multinational pharmaceutical companies in the near future.

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