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One of the less glamorous business processes in the life sciences, yet one that carries significant weight in terms of financial risk to the enterprise, is the processing of chargebacks. For years, revenue leakage surrounding chargebacks has been a little recognized threat, but inefficiency in this area can mount to the tune of millions lost annually. With so many areas of the business under pressure to cut costs, even a few million here and there could have a substantial impact. And in many companies, the damage could stretch well into the tens of millions. It is for this reason that chargeback outsourcing has been a topic on which many companies have wavered back and forth.

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With whole genome sequencing (WGS) increasingly commoditized, translating the torrent of new WGS data into usable information is the next major IT challenge. While there continue to be debates at the top genomics centers as to whether to create their own datacenters or go to commercial cloud service providers (or some mixture of both), most researchers are realizing that the practical move to the cloud is only the first step on their path to sustainable genomics analysis capabilities.

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