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Predicting the Age of Genomics

By Dr. Alan S. Louie – 4 Comments

It is clear that growing knowledge derived from the growing ability to routinely sequence genomes of interest on-demand will transform the health industry as we now know it sometime in the future.  While it will not solve all of mankind's healthcare issues, it is likely to dramatically begin to enable the realization of true personalized medicine.  At the same time, genomics advances, combined with other advances in the life sciences (including the realization of the $1000 genome), will begin to m

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Drug Serialization Tiptoes Forward

By Eric Newmark – 4 Comments

Industry pressure to adopt item level serialization within the life sciences has steadily increased over the last several years as the presence of counterfeit drugs has grown, and the instances of drug theft (stolen delivery trucks, burglarized warehouses, etc.) have become more commonplace. For these reasons, increased supply chain visibility and security are top of mind amongst most pharmaceutical manufacturers. Companies still have lacking visibility to the route in which their drugs travel through distr

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