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Embracing Complexity on the Path to Transformation

By Dr. Alan S. Louie

The notion of a fully integrated pharmaceutical company (FIPCO) may be a concept foreign to many in the industry today, but this was once the aspiration of most, if not all, emerging companies in the space as little as 20 years ago.  I know this because I was part of one, Cetus, that built a manufacturing facility (that was never used during the life of the company) in anticipation of its first approved drug (ProLeukin) and then failed after the FDA requested additional data before approving the drug.&

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Yesterday marked the conclusion of our IDC Health Insights Leading Indicators in Life Science IT Spending Survey. This quarter's survey included a new question asking respondents to rank the four main functional areas of their business (research, clinical development, manufacturing/supply chain, and sales/marketing) first in terms of importance to current company focus, and rank them a second time in terms of which areas currently receive the most/least amount of IT spend. Surprisingly, despite the enormous

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A recent NPR segment highlighted the emergence of a single person biotech where all efforts are outsourced to service vendors.  This and other highlighted companies were positioned as the possible way of the future for the industry.  While virtualization and outsourcing is clearly a growing trend in the industry, an alternate model should also be considered that represents a possible future for the industry.  Building on collaboration, translational science-based biotech is possible, leveragi

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