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Pharmaceutical manufacturers face increasing pressure to refine their strategic and operational approach to sales and marketing. This need is motivated by a quickly changing industry landscape driven by healthcare reform (HCR) and an expanding web of strict government regulations. This includes gift ban laws, aggregate spend compliance/sunshine laws on both the state and the federal level, and diminishing physician availability because of HCR (i.e., 32 million new "covered" patients set to phase into the he

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In concert with ongoing industry transformation and M&A, companies are taking a hard look at fully rationalizing their IT vendor application portfolio, realizing in many cases that they typically have at least one of everything within their organizations.  Often with as many as 10,000 different applications in place, many customized to address specific needs, there has been significant opportunity to directly reduce costs, improve organizational efficiencies, and better optimize IT infrastructure.&

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The UK government is showing its cards: on March 30th the Cabinet Office published its renewed ICT strategy, earlier in the week the government launched its plan for economic growth subsequent to the publication of the 2011 Budget just last week.  From a selfish perspective, if you're a business analyst, this week you would have preferred to have planned some holidays to avoid immediately commenting on these documents. When you have been through this at least a couple of times, you know that at this po


As of March 22, 2011 all EU citizens have access to information about the thousands of authorized pharmaceutical clinical trials that are underway in the EU.  It includes clinical trials conducted by both industry and research institutions.  The information is considered to be public once the clinical trial has been authorized. The register also includes the clinical trials contained in a Paediatric investigation Plan – the research and development program that aims to generate the data requ

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As top tier pharmaceutical companies continue to outsource non-core competencies and the definition of a core competency continues to constrict, it is becoming apparent there is essentially no competency that is considered truly core across the industry.  Virtually every activity can be outsourced to an external vendor.  At the same time, the historic life science blockbuster business model is rapidly fading into the sunset and pharmaceutical companies continue their transformational gyrations in

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