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At the 10 year anniversary of the completion of the human genome last year, there were pronouncements from a number of sources that the discovery has failed to deliver on most, if not all, of the promises made.  Completion of the human genome project promised to imminently change both the development of new drugs and the future delivery of healthcare.  I would argue that, considering the average amount of time needed to advance an average drug to market (8-12 years) and the general nature of the d

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Last week we published an expansive report on aggregate promotional spend compliance, wrapping up 6 months of in-depth research that included interviews with 27 pharmaceutical manufacturers. The report provides a snapshot of the industry's current state of readiness, illustrates various approaches that companies are employing, identifies IT strategies being utilized, and discusses best practices and lessons learned by companies furthest along this road toward compliance. The report also discusses 13 vendors

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Through the IT Looking Glass - An Industry Reborn

By Dr. Alan S. Louie

In watching the continuing turmoil confronting the life science industry on almost a daily basis, it is hard to envision what a sustainable future might look like sometime in the (hopefully) near future.  It is clear that many longstanding practices that we have become accustomed to have fallen by the wayside, with more change to come.  Numerous pressures and influences, both large and small, are driving change, ranging from globalization and the new world order to more and more powerful smart pho

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