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Lining Up The Life Science Software Vendors

By Eric Newmark

Increased M&A activity in the life sciences is not only occurring between pharmaceutical companies, but amongst the software vendors serving the market as well. Each year IDC Health Insights publishes its annual Top 10 Life Science Software Vendors list to help end users shed some light on the software providers that are succeeding and continuing to grow despite the consolidation in the market. The results are in, with some new names joining the list.

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A New Year with Success on the Horizon

By Dr. Alan S. Louie

In trying to think about my first new blog of the year, there were many topics that came to mind worth writing about.  Clearly having just completed our prediction report and webcast, we're thinking a lot about what is going to happen in the year to come and topics such as translational research, genomic profiling, IT clouds, M&A, and globalization all come to mind.  These areas will be important contributors to advances in 2011, but are also likely to incrementally advance for years to come.&

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Each year IDC Health Insights publishes its top ten predictions for the coming year, highlighting business and technology trends that we believe will have a significant impact on the overall life science ecosystem. These predictions are first delivered in a free web conference (occurring this Wednesday, Jan 12th - registration is available by clicking here), and later published in a widely distributed industry report. One of this year's predictions looks at CRM in the pharmaceutical industry, and discusses

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