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Pricing and Contracts in a Flattening World

By Eric Newmark – 4 Comments

As the world continues to flatten, businesses regularly look for ways to capitalize on diminishing geographical borders. In the life sciences, companies have taken advantage of cost reduction opportunities through the outsourcing of IT development, maintenance, and support, and have further optimized operations through the increased off-shoring of both manufacturing and clinical development. However, while globalization provides new opportunities, with it come new challenges, so it is equally important that

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In recent news reports, three otherwise unrelated interesting developments in the life sciences piqued my thinking regarding whether these announcements were of any notable significance.  The announcements were: The myelin repair foundation is looking at strategies used in gaming technologies in attempts to spark innovation in life science research.  Results from a single patient treated with gene therapy for beta-thalassemia promises a disease cure that will next look to be repeated in 9 addition

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Last week I discussed results from a recent IDC Health Insights survey that illustrated a pharmaceutical industry that is still far from ready to start complying with the eventual mandates surrounding drug pedigrees.  While forward thinking companies realize there are many benefits to be gained (I discussed some of these in my prior blog) through the implementation of serialization and drug pedigree maintenance, there is no denying that the impetus pushing the industry towards this goal has been the in

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