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As anyone (including me) that has ever worked in retail knows, product placement is key to driving impulse purchases.  The candy bars at the checkout stand, preferred branded products at eye level, and lead sales items at the ends of the aisle are all purposefully designed to encourage potential customers to spend their hard earned dollars.  Pathway Genomics efforts to partner with Walgreens drugstores to provide a retail access conduit for their genetic testing services ($20-30 retail for a spit

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Over the last few weeks I have spoken with numerous sales and marketing leaders across the pharmaceutical industry in support of research we are currently conducting. Conversations have spanned several subjects, but CRM effectiveness in particular has stuck out and continued to resonate on my mind. Several conversations on the topic all ventured in the same direction: What does the future of CRM effectiveness look like?

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I can clearly remember wandering "the stacks" in our university's libraries, accompanied by a pocket full of nickels to collect and Xerox relevant articles to further our research.  Acquiring relevant reports often took days, if not weeks to collect (e.g. requesting a document to be mailed from Dialog) and that was the accepted norm.  The same information is now available at the push of a mouse, instantaneously available on our laptops.  Beyond the savings in time and effort, this change in t

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