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A few years ago, I had the opportunity to look closely at the service effect approach to outsourcing that AstraZeneca was using to manage its outside vendors.  At the time, AstraZeneca's approach could be considered visionary, since it was one of the earliest examples of a life science company that was willing to relinquish tight control over its vendors and allow the vendor to gain from exceeding expectations or share in the loss of failing to meet expectations.  Over time, this model has expande

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A few weeks ago I discussed with another member of our online community how pharma's were placing increased focus on the pharmacy. The pharmacy, being the final decision point for the consumer, is becoming a higher priority target for pharmas as opportunities to influence physician prescribing behavior continues to diminish.

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Pharmaceutical Revenue Leakage: Live Chat Replay

By Eric Newmark

One of our newer web-based presentation formats here at IDC Health Insights is our live chat format. In addition to the traditional webinar, where we present the results of our research for an hour and then try to leave a few minutes to field questions at the end, we now also offer the live chat format, which is designed to be more open and interactive. Live chats include 30 minutes of open-ended discussion, and are geared specifically toward IDC Health Insights analysts answering questions from members of

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Recent announcements by Pfizer and GSK that they are making significant cuts in worldwide staffing (estimated at more than 19,000 and 4,000 positions respectively) continue to shake the life science industry.  For many of the researchers included in the RIF (reduction-in-force), fear, uncertainty, and foreboding preceded the move, with the falling axe a confirmation of their deepest fears.  For more experienced researchers, the transition is likely to be painful, since it has been many years since

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