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Consider the ability to do the equivalent of a Google search that looks across all sources of data within an organization.  Include increasingly new sources of data, including web pages (both internal and external), IM, research data, medical imaging, internal and external databases.  At the start, the amount of data will be overwhelming, making it impossible to derive much useful information to drive the reason behind the search.  Adding to the complexity, overlay security, privacy, regulato

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Aggregate promotional spend compliance is one of the most important areas affecting pharmaceutical sales and marketing today. While state by state mandates have added significant complexity to sales operations by implementing strict promotional spending limits and banning several types of promotional activity, the impact its having on pharmas is only going to increase as more states pass aggregate spend laws and a looming set of national regulations take effect.

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I am currently working on research to examine the commercial electronic patient reported outcomes (ePRO) space in clinical development.  ePRO is used in clinical trials to electronically capture medical information directly from patients and helps researchers to determine whether new drugs are delivering the desired benefits.  As part of this effort, I am speaking with leading innovators from both the vendor and end user communities to better understand how this area is contributing to innovation

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