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At the Cusp of Personalized Genomic Medicine

By Dr. Alan S. Louie – 6 Comments

The likelihood of the $1000 genome is at hand, whole genome disease studies are in progress at multiple sites, and regular announcements continue trumpeting the discovery of the relationship between genes and disease.  While genomic research has yet to fully prove its value by uncovering the root cause of a major disease and highlighting the direct path to a cure, it is at the cusp of moving beyond the disease risk correlation towards more actionable information that will enable practicing physicians t

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Pharmaceutical sales reps have historically leaned heavily on soft-dollar promotional budgets to help create influence and capture the attention of physicians with items like free pens and notepads. More importantly, as physician availability has continued to grow more scarce over the years, sales reps have relied a great deal on taking physicians out to lunches, dinners, and offsite meetings to help create an environment where they can capture their undivided attention. However, that is quickly changing no

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Moving into the new year, most industry pundits are trumpeting the end of the economic crisis that has significantly impaired advances in the life science industry (and other industries as well).  It is clear that the financial markets are loosening their grip on new funds for the industry through both venture capital as well as the opportunity for IPOs.  Mega pharmas are continuing their unabated pursuit of M&A in hopes of allaying fears regarding their upcoming blockbuster drug patent expira

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