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Clouds ahead … A Sign of Positive Change To Come

By Dr. Alan S. Louie

Consider this analyst’s definition of cloud computing as IT infrastructure for rent, anywhere or anytime, at WalMart (or realistically, prices.  Storage on demand, computational horsepower, or virtual workspaces accessible from any Internet portal, is becoming reality based on emerging commercial cloud computing offerings.  Imagine mega-pharma IT infrastructure capabilities without the need to buy any computer hardware or maintain an IT department.  Although somewhat of an e

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IMS Teams up with TCS to Extend KPO Service

By Eric Newmark

At a time when cost reduction is imperative, resource availability is thin, and productivity improvements are vital, Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) is a service offering with growing need across the life sciences, and rightly so, its adoption has been growing at a quickening pace.

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867 Data: Pharma's Other Choking Hazard

By Eric Newmark – 4 Comments

Last week we discussed how pharmaceutical companies are choking on IMS information due to the sheer volume of data received, and the related challenge of configuring the information to suit several differing needs across the company. In response, several IT vendors are currently exploring ways to intercept this exchange of information by acting as a value-added re-packager of IMS data and delivering it in a more palatable personalized format to end users. The belief is that pharmas would be willing to pay e

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Geek Sparkle – Market Fluff and Window Dressing Today

By Dr. Alan S. Louie

” Definition: Geek sparkle – The most recent fashionista tech app (for iPhone and other devices) that enables pseudo-important wannabes to show off their tech savvy despite delivering little or no meaningful or practical value.” The recent announcement of an prototype iPhone application from genomics technology vendor, Illumina, to empower users to assess their personal genomic profile is a clear example of “geek sparkle.”  Building upon a hope and a prayer that consumers

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