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IBM To Acquire SPSS

By Eric Newmark – 2 Comments

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The FDA recently approved revisions to labeling for a class of antibody-based cancer drugs that effectively reduces the drug’s target market by limiting access to only those patients that carry a particular genetic profile.  Patients with this profile appear to be unresponsive to the class of drugs and treatment would be a waste of both time and money.  Request for the labeling change was driven from multiple fronts, including 

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Pharmaceutical sales reps have leaned heavily on soft-dollar promotional budgets to help create influence and capture physician attention, as physician availability has continued to grow more scarce over the years. More so than free pens and notepads, sales reps have relied significantly on taking physicians out to lunches, dinners, and offsite meetings to create an environment where they could spend time together and have their undivided attention. However, the new PhRMA code, combined with OIG regulations

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In the third year in its efforts to patent Glivec in India, Novartis has been turned back based on purported lack of innovation and drug pricing that would be too high for the common man.  Specifically, the Indian Intellectual Property Appellate Board (IPAB) stated that "Any patent granted to support such a high monopoly price would be against 'public order'."  As a follow up to UK NICE rulings limiting approval for drug reimbursement based on the guideline a drug's cost should not exceed ₤30,00

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