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In many science fiction films, both new and old, the world only finds unity in responding to a common enemy, typically an invader from space looking to destroy mankind.  Nations and peoples put aside their petty differences to focus on the problem and a happy ending typically ensues after a joint struggle.  Barriers to finding cures to illness and disease can be framed with the same mindset.  In the case of swine flu, planning focuses on addressing the problem using traditional, well-worn app

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Pharmas Develop Revenue Leakage Budget

By Eric Newmark

If you've been following the commercial side of pharma for the last few years, you are well aware by now that companies are losing hundreds of millions of dollars annually due to revenue leakage. The life science value chain is among the most convoluted in any industry, and as companies seek simplification, the silent killer is that pharmas lose approximately 4.5% of revenue annually due to process inefficiencies surrounding chargeback processing, missing reverse chargebacks, duplicate chargebacks, conceale

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Health Industry Insights recently completed its annual survey of  supply chain technology priorities in the life sciences. One hundred twenty-one industry leaders were asked to identify what their most important IT-related supply chain investments will be in 2009. Results suggest that investments in analytics and business intelligence solutions will be front and center this year, as companies seek more intelligent, actionable information from their supply chain data.

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FDA: Playing It Safe and Surviving without Vision

By Dr. Alan S. Louie

Recent actions by the FDA have made it very clear that the organization remains in steadfast defensive mode, a state exacerbated by the Vioxx safety issue and subsequently reinforced by torcetrapib.  Its primary active response to the swine flu outbreak has been temporary approval of a rapid diagnostic test to relieve it from a potential testing backlog and some talk of a future vaccine.  In these times in serious need for transformation, the FDA needs to seriously think out of the box, taking the

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