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Revenue Leakage: Pharma's $11 Billion Problem

By Eric Newmark – 8 Comments

Over the past five years, as margin pressure has increased and cost reduction efforts have taken center stage, companies have scanned the enterprise with a fine-tooth comb, looking for opportunities to regain margin. As more data has become available specifically highlighting the magnitude of potential losses from revenue leakage in the channel, this issue has quickly risen on corporate radar screens.

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GINA in real life – An Issue Properly Addressed

By Dr. Alan S. Louie

The final phase of adoption of the Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act preventing group health insurers for companies with 15 or more employees from denying coverage based on genetic information took effect on November 21, 2009.  This follows the May 21, 2008 signing of the bill, which initially covered both employer action and individual health insurance plans.  This final nail in the genetic discrimination coffin eliminates the last possibility that a company could play big brother using g

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Innovation Please – Hold the Risk

By Dr. Alan S. Louie – 4 Comments

Recent shortages of H1N1 flu vaccine have spurred numerous news reports highlighting alternative vaccine manufacturing options that could have rapidly filled current shortages and provided vaccines to consumers in the United States.  It is clear that the current approach to vaccine production (i.e. growing virus in chicken eggs) is antiquated, cannot deliver vaccine in a timely fashion (other than routine annual vaccines with a long lead time), and is severely limited by availability of large quantitie

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Life Science RFID Utilization Declines

By Eric Newmark

When we last checked in on RFID adoption back in January 2009, evaluations and adoption rates had still been increasing, continuing a 24 month trend of increasing interest in the technology. While adoption rates were still far from widespread, and nowhere near mainstream levels that many had predicted would occur during the early part of this decade, upward trends were still progressing. Approximately 43% of companies were assessing the technology (doubling from just 21% of companies conducting evaluations

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Pharma's Seek FDA Guidance on Social Media

By Eric Newmark

Pharmaceutical sales and marketing has become increasingly challenging over the last several years for a number of reasons. Rising patient loads resulting from the aging baby boomer generation have overloaded doctors, leaving little to no time for physicians to see pharmaceutical sales representatives. The average interaction time between a physician and sales rep is now less than 30 seconds in primary care settings. Industry regulations have gotten much stricter as well, creating numerous obstacles for pha

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