The Stars are Aligned for Operational Excellence in Life Science R&D in 2016

By Dr. Alan S. Louie – January 6, 2016
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While IT is probably the only ones talking about the 3rd platform, key stakeholders holding company purse strings have continued their focus on productivity, performance, and outcomes as ongoing justification of internal resources remains tightly managed. While seemingly simple, operational excellence in life science R&D remains challenging as the goalposts continue to move, driven by both changing business models and rapid innovation (both scientific and technological). This is not expected to change in 2016 (and beyond), but the pace of progress is expected to greatly exceed that of times past. Agility, regulatory rigor, and ease of transition will be among the key differentiators separating the winners from the losers in 2016, driving the industry closer towards the operational maturity already present in other industries.


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Dr. Alan S. Louie

Research DirectorIDC Health Insights

Dr. Alan Louie is Research Director at IDC Health Insights. In this role, he is spearheading the company’s research covering innovation and best practices in pharmaceutical R&D and personalized…


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