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As value-based health matures and expands from the physician practice market to the integrated delivery system market the need for integrated industrial strength data aggregation and warehousing, provided by Oracle, with the intellectual property and functionality for population health management, provided by Enli, is critical. Without this integrated capability healthcare delivery systems will be unable to scale their value-based health programs. Despite efforts by the current administration to dismantle the Affordable Care Act, IDC Health Insights believes value-based health will continue to grow and in the next five years become the dominant model for care and the financing of healthcare. Oracle will benefit from the partnership as they continue to build out their "healthcare offerings" to their global clients. Oracle offers global channel opportunities to Enli as well as the data infrastructure to scale Enli's Care Manager application into large complex delivery systems.

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Some of the most promising digital solutions have come out of healthcare innovation labs across Europe in the recent years. When partnering with vendors, collaborating across Europe, and evaluating the technology through an academic assessment methodology, the healthcare innovations become sustainable and thereby subject to an enterprise wide adoption and replication on a European scale.

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