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This IDC Health Insights PeerScape study analyzes several hospital operation management implementations across Europe. The five success stories presented have been selected to present the key best practices. It provides European healthcare IT executives and their technology partners with practices that have the most impact on the success of a technology initiative.

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This IDC Health Insights study analyzes developments in the market of solutions based on computing capabilities embedded into objects, a phenomenon also known as the Internet of Things (IoT).

IDC predicts that the worldwide installed base of IoT endpoints will grow at a rate of 21.4% through 2019 to 25.6 billion endpoints with IDC expecting approximately 30 billion connections in 2020.

Internet of Things have the potential to disrupt the healthcare market, thereby an innovation accelerator and a driver of new business models. The implementation of Internet of things technologies in the healthcare sector are growing rapidly and the maturity of different use cases will increase faster than traditional technologies. Furthermore, IoT technologies and applications can be separated and isolated from other applications, making them ideal for pilot tests and further learning within the hospital and between sectors in an integrated care setting,

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