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IDC FutureScape: Worldwide Healthcare IT 2017 Predictions

By Lynne A. Dunbrack

The IDC FutureScape: Worldwide Healthcare IT 2017 Predictions provides healthcare executives across the globe a guide to likely future technology and business scenarios. Executives can use this document as input to their IT strategy moving forward. The IDC Health Insights predictions are suggesting that the next three years will be focused on the adoption of disruptive technologies which will enable healthcare digital transformation. The drivers include the rise of computer-based intelligence with the increased adoption of cognitive/AI and robotics. The increased adoption of internet of things (IoT) technology is resulting in the convergence of mobile, social and sensors. The illness burden across the globe is continuing to increase with an aging population, an epidemic of chronic illness and the continued outbreak of infectious diseases will continue to drive healthcare technology innovation and force changes in reimbursement and contribute to shortages of medical and pharmaceutical resources.

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As November 8th came to a close and electoral votes were being tallied across the country, the proverbial “shot heard around the world” was heard. Americans dissatisfied with the status quo and insider politics elected Donald J. Trump as the 45th president of the United States. IDC Health Insights reflects on the impact a Trump presidency will have on healthcare and healthcare IT initiatives.

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    Jonas Knudsen says:
    HI, Yes I do. At least in western Europe, there is a growing trend to apply IoT technologies as the main infrastructure to handle compliance with traceability regulations. That is, for smart pharmacy, drugs, instrument tracking from sterile services department (SSD) to the operation rooms and back etc. That also adreesses the need for automation,…
    5 months ago
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    guy weiss says:
    Jonas, don' you think that the architecture adopted to address traceability regulation could easily be replaced by IOT solutions. Main drivers: less implementation costs, no packaging line performance decrease, no additional cost for aggregation, and of course interconnexion with smart phone app.
    5 months ago

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