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New career option for the Healthcare CIO

By Sven Lohse

The CIO contemplating commercialization of enterprise IT assets at the healthcare organization (HCO) can remake his role in the image of a CEO.

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On March 10, 2015 The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) announced a new ACO model that will increase incentives to determine the degree to which organizations are capable of improving outcomes and decreasing costs. This new model, Next Generation ACO provides flexible payment options to guide healthcare organizations into a value based model of reimbursement. Rates will be determined based on historical cost experience of healthcare organizations and will be based both on improvement and overall goals. High performing organizations (based on regional benchmarks) will receive a discount. Among its other features, the Next Generation ACO provides additional benefits to cover nursing homes without a preceding hospitalization, funds tele-health and increases home care post hospital discharge. Patients will be incented to get the majority of their care from a single provider. The industry pundits are reacting favorably

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Effective analytics are growing in importance to health system performance. This is evidenced by a recent announcement of a risk-based partnership between technology supplier Health Catalyst and Allina Health. As health systems and hospitals throughout the United States seek to bend the cost curve to transform operations and remain profitable under healthcare reform, actionable analytics programs are becoming critical. Yet many health systems have ineffective analytics programs with technology that fails to get installed, fails to create actionable information once installed, or subsequently fails to become a regular part of operational decision making, which is required for an analytics program to succeed at any clinical or financial objective.

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