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Investments on mobile technologies in healthcare have been significantly evolving over the past few years. Mobile technologies fit well with the highly interactive nature of medical workflows and the need of clinicians and nurses to collect and access information at the point of care, in order to increase accuracy in decisions and to enable a more personal approach with patients. When deciding about their mobile technology investments, healthcare organizations, and hospitals in particular, have been looking at mobile technologies from a single organization perspective, looking at mobilizing their traditional workflows, without rethinking at the possible changes and optimizations that the advent of modern mobile technologies can offer.

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The leaders of the giant IT outsourcing and BPO firms — from Accenture through Wipro — are likely still struggling to control the fallout from the wave of health insurance payer consolidation from the summer. Cognizant likely has not found satisfaction with respect to the fallout from the Centene–Health Net deal, announced July 2, 2015. Centene's CEO Michael Neidorff said he would upset the record seven-year, $2.8-billion outsourcing deal that Cognizant had struck with Health Net in the months prior. While highly worrisome for Cognizant in the near term, these worries likely shouldn't be equated with the consternation that must be stalking Cognizant's smaller IT outsourcing competitors.

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