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The market has long anticipated an acquisition or merger between TriZetto and another big player in the healthcare market, so rival firms are likely preparing to counter today's announcement that Cognizant will acquire TriZetto for $2.7 billion in cash.

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Patient data in the cloud: a tale of cars and airplanes

By Massimiliano Claps – 5 Comments

I had the great pleasure to chair the second edition of the IDC Health Insights European Healthcare Executive Summit over the past two days, which saw the participation of 45 business, clinical and IT senior executives from around Europe. One of the workshops that I moderated spearheaded a great discussion on hybrid ICT sourcing environment and inevitably led us to talk about the benefits and challenges of cloud computing, including the proverbial data protection risks. During the conversation an interesting analogy came up: moving away from patient files carried in shopping carts along hospital corridors and toward electronic health records hosted in a cloud environment, is like moving from cars to new generation airplanes.

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