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Healthcare enterprises should be open to two major outcomes from this Google/PwC alliance:
1. Google will find firm footing in the healthcare vertical
2. PwC will successfully leverage Google capabilities to follow up on its "convergence" theme with more success based on its new "consumer engagement" theme

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Once again this year, IDC Health Insights is working with the Channel Company to provide content for the Health IT Summit. Our team is here in strength, and attendees will be hearing from Scott Lundstrom, Cynthia Burghard, Lynne Dunbrack and Deanne Kasim, and me, as well as additional speakers on payer and provider topics during the 3-day meeting. The event kicked off last night with a particularly interesting presentation from Dr. Robert Pearl, the Executive Director and CEO of the Permanente Medical Group, the largest physician practice in the U.S. The title of Dr. Pearl's talk was The Future of American Health Care and the Role of Technology.

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