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The NHS turned 65 last Friday. Born in the baby-boomers era, the NHS went through many reorganizations and reforms aimed at making the offer of healthcare services more adequate to the population evolving healthcare needs. The achievement of this objective in the last decade has become more difficult and the NHS, as other European health services, seems not to properly respond to the demand of healthcare services, especially (and ironically) driven by the current needs of baby-boomers. With the next UK general election coming closer, discussions on how the NHS can change are very much alive and the role ICT will play in this transformation is high in the political agenda . Independently from who will shape the future of the NHS, it is quite clear that English healthcare providers will have more freedom in their ICT sourcing than in past. The big question coming with this greater freedom is: In the third generation technology platform era, does the English NHS have the capabilities and skills to successfully manage procurement?

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