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Do You Need to Hire a Younger Doctor?

By Judy Hanover

Choosing a primary care physician is a difficult decision for most consumers, made harder by the growing shortage of qualified professionals, insurance network issues, and uncertainty as the nation begins to undergo healthcare reform. Last week, at the Simmons Leadership Conference in Boston, MA, personal finance expert Terry Savage spoke about many issues surrounding managing one's personal finances, but one of her final pieces of advice, "find a younger doctor," really resonated for me. If you work in healthcare, you are certainly aware of the ongoing consolidation in the provider space, the Medicare reimbursement cuts that are expected to get deeper as the years go on, and the expanded coverage that will make provider shortages more acute. However, healthcare is local and personal, and big picture trends don't always translate as well to our personal lives at home. This advice highlighted how these changes will affect individuals.

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Peeling the hospital application architecture onion

By Massimiliano Claps

Third-generation platforms are changing the facets of the traditional debate of suite vs. best-of-breed towards a more best-of-suite approach to hospital application architectures.

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