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The IDC Health Insights View on HIMSS

By Judy Hanover

With HIMSS behind us, our team is still working to beat the after-effects resulting from long hours and exchanging bugs with our peers from around the world. Yet we know our immune systems will probably be better off in the long run, along with the provider health IT landscape. This year at HIMSS, collaboration was the rule, as providers shared ideas and experiences from accountable care pilots, examined new technology offerings and planned their IT investments going forward.

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Representing Singapore at the HIMSS Conference

By Sash Mukherjee

It became painfully evident that the Asia/Pacific region is yet to see the plethora of solutions and vendors that were part of the exhibition at the recently held HIMSS conference in New Orleans. However, every conversation the IDC Health Insights team would have on meaningful use, accountable care and connected healthcare would very easily get usurped with the question, "How are they doing things in Singapore?" Part of the curiosity stems from the fact that though the healthcare systems are vastly different in the two countries, both countries do not have a 'nationalized' healthcare system, unlike a Denmark or an Australia. Also, given the state of flux, the common question is around success and failure of the different global healthcare IT transformation projects.

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According to the 3521 Plan, the IT development plan made by the Ministry of Health (MOH) in 2011 for the health industry in the country, China will establish three levels of regional health information system (RHIS) platform. These are city-level platform, provincial-level platform, and national-level platform. For these three levels, cloud solutions will be suitable; cloud solutions can match the RHIS business very well.

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Buzz Words Abound at HIMSS 2013

By Cynthia Burghard

Every year at the Health Information Management Systems Society's (HIMSS) annual meeting there are a series of words or terms that are commonly exhibit on the exhibit floor, 2013 was no exception. For those of us that have been in the industry for the last decade some of the themes were reminicent of days gone by. The most prevalent terms included analytics, business intelligence, big data and analytics and could be found in one form or other on many an exhibitors booth signage. A relatively new term found frequently on the HIMSS exhibit floor was population health management. What these terms have in common is a lack of consistent definitions.

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