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The smoking crater of

By Scott Lundstrom

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As we all know, the federal health insurance exchange opened to challenges, with widespread reports and commentary. Initially, the most notable issues were access problems as consumers attempted, many unsuccessfully, to get on the federal platform to assess their options and costs. A work around eliminating the need to register just to obtain baseline product and cost information has improved accessibility. And improving enrollment handoffs between exchanges and health plans continues to resolve issues with reportedly missing, faulty, incomplete or absent information. The health insurance exchanges and marketplaces usher in the era of the healthcare retail consumer model. However, very little in this initial effort adequately reflects the business strategy, infrastructure or multi-channel interface that consumers expect.

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The scale of the Obamacare Exchange undertaking is massive: a goldmine for IT consultants and systems integrators. As published in the Wall Street Journal on October 13, 2013, the conceptual plan is staggering: Despite cries of "failure" during the roll-out of the exchanges in the last two weeks, Obamacare remains the law of the land. The Federal exchange infrastructure will likely remain a rich source of work for consultants for years to come.

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