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The French agency for shared health information systems (ASIP Santé), on its website, has just opened to comments a study advocating the creation of a new cloud based information system for the 101 emergency services (SAMU Centre 15) in France. Emergency services are undergoing a deep transformation all across Europe and information systems are consequently under review. Cloud can offer interesting opportunities, however, to ensure sustainability and innovation, healthcare executives need to strengthen their governance capabilities to keep short and long term objectives aligned . This will require putting old paradigm aside and playing a whole new game.

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The July 14th announcement: Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts and Healthbox Partner to Foster and Support Innovative Health Care Startups in Massachusetts, highlights a growing and dedicated trend toward innovation interest and investment among US health plans. Health Box provides early stage entrepreneurship, providing accelerator resources to promising healthcare companies. Services include strategic guidance, seed capital and mentorship. Through the partnership, ten promising Massachusetts companies have been identified for $50,000 grants

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While investment in Big Data and Analytics is low in healthcare there are some very interesting use case examples. A number of healthcare organizations have been able to demonstrate value from the data that was generated using big data technology.

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