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We recently had the pleasure of participating in the "Public Services Network Conference from Vision to Reality", hosted by BT in collaboration with the UK's Cabinet Office PSN Programme Team. The event provided us an opportunity to have an overview on the current development of Public Services Network (PSN), how it will evolve in the near future and how it will represent the foundation layer for the renewed UK public sector (which include also healthcare) ICT strategy.

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    Jonas Knudsen says:
    HI, Yes I do. At least in western Europe, there is a growing trend to apply IoT technologies as the main infrastructure to handle compliance with traceability regulations. That is, for smart pharmacy, drugs, instrument tracking from sterile services department (SSD) to the operation rooms and back etc. That also adreesses the need for automation,…
    5 months ago
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    guy weiss says:
    Jonas, don' you think that the architecture adopted to address traceability regulation could easily be replaced by IOT solutions. Main drivers: less implementation costs, no packaging line performance decrease, no additional cost for aggregation, and of course interconnexion with smart phone app.
    5 months ago

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