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Top 10 Predictions for Provider Health IT in 2013

By Judy Hanover

IDC Health Insights' top 10 healthcare provider predictions identify major trends that will impact the U.S. provider IT landscape in 2013, and the technology investments that will help providers to succeed in the coming year.

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IDC Health Insights' analysts are presenting their research results to healthcare provider and healthplan IT exectutives at the Healthcare IT Summit which is being held in Orlando, Floriday November 11 - 13, 2012. This event is one of the few industry events that provide a forum for healthcare providers and health plans to exchange strategies and lessons learned. The willingness to listen and consider the positions of representatives of health plans and providers who were once considered "the enemy" was refreshing. Over 100 healthcare IT executives have gathered to learn from thought leaders and each other the major IT challenges and successful strategies that are facing the healthcare industry.

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2013 will be certainly a tough year for healthcare CIOs. Shrinking budgets clash with an increasing and evolving demand of healthcare services. At the same time healthcare executives are asked to rethink their strategy, newly designing their IT infrastructures , adopting new sourcing models in order to achieve efficiency targets, while transforming the care delivery model and guarantying regulation compliance. Third generation platform technologies offer enormous advantages, but the noise around their value proposition need to be better articulated for the healthcare needs to be transformed into a signal that have an impact. These are the themes of the 2013 Top 10 Predictions for EMEA Health that we will discuss with you on the 13th of December.

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