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The Scottish Government has published its new eHealth strategy , which is expected to run for the next six years. The strategy has been set in the context of the Healthcare Quality Strategy, committing to better integrate health and social care IT, giving patients increased access to health services, and improving support for people affected by chronic diseases. The strategy specifically mandates all health boards to 5 strategic aims use information and technology to maximize efficiency and savings; enable

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Healthcare Alerts - Claims Are Blunt Instruments

By Janice Young

Medication alerts are one of the most active applications of the actionable information trend within the healthcare payer market.   Analytics tools are used to identify gaps in medication compliance and consumers and/or providers are then notified.  In early August, a healthcare summit, that included as participants Aetna, CVS Caremark, Merck&Co and the University of Connecticut's School of Medicine, focused solely on the challenges of poor patient medication compliance and the means to i

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