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On September 30, 2011, CMS announced that over 100,000 hospitals and eligible providers had registered for the meaningful use incentive program, and over $850 million in incentives had been paid.  With the passing of the HITECH Act in February of 2009, US providers gained an unprecedented opportunity to receive incentive payments for implementing and using eligible electronic health and medical records (EHR/EMRs) under the conditions laid out in the law.  In order to take advantage of the subsidie


 I have just finished reading an excellent paper "The hospital is dead, long live the hospital" written by Professor Paul Corrigan, CBE and Caroline Mitchell ( that describes the changes they believe would support the emergence of better models of healthcare delivery. 

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Singapore's Healthcare Revolution

By Sash Mukherjee – 2 Comments

If you are living in Singapore it would be hard to avoid the buzz around healthcare reforms. The rising costs of healthcare due to a fast ageing population and the change in disease burden are issues being faced by many developed nations in the world.   The Singapore government seems to be tackling it through a many-pronged approach.

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BT yesterday announced that it has doubled the capacity of the National Health Service’s (NHS) internet gateway – the part of the health service’s N3 private broadband network that carries traffic to and from the internet. N3 is the NHS national broadband virtual private network linking hospitals, medical centers and GPs in England and Scotland and has replaced NHSnet. The gateway carries more than 250 terabytes of data a month – equivalent to nearly 55,000 standard DVDs worth of dat

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