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On March 31, 2010, the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) published a rule change that will pave the way for widespread provider adoption of e-prescribing.  The new Interim Final Rule removes one of the major obstacles to e-prescribing -- the need to maintain a paper process for the estimated 11-13% of prescriptions written for controlled substances.  This restriction has long served as a deterrent for adopters, despite the clear advantages of e-prescribing.   It has been almost two years sin

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A recent article in the Boston Globe – Think Before you Click –  suggests that the Internet is creating new ethical considerations for clinicians.  Should clinicians Google their patients? And if they do, should they tell them before or after they searched for them online?   Questions also abound about social networking and whether clinicians should “friend” their patients, and vice versa.  The short answer is no, but read on for a safe way for patients and c

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Healthcare reform creates new markets, new consumers and…escalates cost pressures.  In both business and technology markets, collisions opportunities between payer and provider processes and investments abound.  The greatest synergies for consumer engagement, cost control and quality improvement likely rest with those delivery systems in which the insurance, health, wellness and clinical processes and systems are integrated and aligned. More than a few healthcare payers in recent weeks repo

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