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Dell Discusses Three Solutions for Healthcare

By Judy Hanover

At a recent analyst meeting, Dell introduced its 2011 strategy to the analyst community in attendance, with an emphasis both on its product portfolio, as well as its expanded service strategy and its offerings for healthcare.  Dell's positioning, "open, capable and affordable," was a recurring theme across the products, services and domains it would be focusing on in 2011 in the horizontal market, and was also applied to its evolving portfolio for healthcare.


In the first IDC Singapore Health Insights roundtable held on 20th October, participants from 7 healthcare provider organizations were actively engaged on the topic of Patient Centricity.   One participant, interestingly, drew up an analogy of healthcare services to the airline industry.   No doubt customer centricity is the major focus for the airline industry.  What can the healthcare providers learn from airlines, and does every consumer require 'business class' healthcare servic

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