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ICD-10 and Healthcare Reform: Links Looming

By Janice Young

Vendors of ICD-10 solutions include five distinct technology markets:  consulting/systems integrators, data integration, master data management, business intelligence, applications and business process management.   To date, these vendors have commonly marketed their ICD-10 solutions in the context (not surprisingly) of pure ICD-10 compliance. Entering 2011, vendors are  positioning IDC-10 solutions in a broader context.  Solutions and strategies extend beyond the tactical ICD-10 co

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An Exciting Time for Connected Health

By Lynne A. Dunbrack – 4 Comments

Mobile phones have reached a near ubiquitous state among certain demographics according to a recent report from the Pew Internet & American Life Project.  According to the October 14 report, 85% of all adults own a mobile phone. (By comparison this is up from 75% reported in a December 2007 Pew survey.)


Recent developments in ehealth are moving in several key fronts — toward an evidence-based practice of medicine in a connected environment, the digitization of health information for interoperable electronic health records (EHRs), Web-based communications solutions for a seamless transfer of patient information from one institution in one region to another in a different region...

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