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Health plans are recognizing that to reach their members, especially young, mobile members, they have to go where they are.  And they won't find these members on their corporate Web sites looking for the latest health content on how to stay healthy.  Humana and Kaiser Permanente are two examples of progressive health plans that have embraced social networking and multiplayer online games to make healthcare entertaining for members and nonmembers alike.

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Meaningful Use On Deck!!

By Judy Hanover

On June 16, 2009, the Health IT Policy Committee published a draft description of the definition of meaningful use of EMRs by provider organizations.  The published materials included a presentation, a preamble document, and a matrix summarizing the priorities, goals, objectives and measures for meaningful use.  Health Industry Insights expects to provide analysis in this community forum in the upcoming days, with more to come in our reports and publications.  The deadline for public comments

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Partnership and Acquisition Season

By Janice Young – 2 Comments

Partnership and Acquisition Season: If the vendor discussions at AHIP are any indication, it is clearly partnership season for healthcare payer vendors.  The number of announcements of partnerships and acquisitions grew in 2009 and announcements hit a rapid stride at the recent conference in early June. Likely reflecting both the economic times and emerging technology environments, what is new is the number of both announced (and considered) partnerships (over acquisitions).

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For hospitals to maximize their incentives payments, especially those that have not begun to invest in the requisite healthcare information technology (HIT), they must act swiftly.  After all they can begin qualifying as soon as October 1, 2010.  But there are so many looming issues – "What does meaningful use mean?", "Who will be the certifying body?" – not the least of which is the economic crisis thwarting HIT investment in advance of the incentive payments to come in the new few ye

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A Short List for EMR Selection

By Judy Hanover

EMR applications automate vast amounts of mission-critical functionality in the provider setting.  With over 100 vendors to choose from and looming deadlines for implementation and demonstrating meaningful use to receive stimulus payments, inpatient and ambulatory facilities are faced with difficult decisions.  For this reason, Health Industry Insights is beginning its 2nd annual EMR/EHR Short List research program.  The Short List is designed to offer providers selection tools that different

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    Jonas Knudsen says:
    HI, Yes I do. At least in western Europe, there is a growing trend to apply IoT technologies as the main infrastructure to handle compliance with traceability regulations. That is, for smart pharmacy, drugs, instrument tracking from sterile services department (SSD) to the operation rooms and back etc. That also adreesses the need for automation,…
    5 months ago
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    guy weiss says:
    Jonas, don' you think that the architecture adopted to address traceability regulation could easily be replaced by IOT solutions. Main drivers: less implementation costs, no packaging line performance decrease, no additional cost for aggregation, and of course interconnexion with smart phone app.
    5 months ago

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