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e-Patient Dave and Goliath Google Health

By Lynne A. Dunbrack – 4 Comments

A recent Boston Globe article described the real life experience of a person downloading his "medical information" into Google Health.  But it wasn't about any healthcare organization or any patient.  The story involves the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (BIDMC) and Dave deBronkart, also known as e-patient Dave, a tech savvy cancer survivor who credits participatory medicine as saving his life.  He blogged about his  experience with Google Health on his own blog, which was als

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Is there more offshore BPO in your future?

By Janice Young

A Forbes article reported on April 9 that nearly 6 million Americans now go outside the US for treatment and healthcare payers continue to seek alternatives to the increasing economic and cost pressures, while maintaining quality standards. An increasing number of healthcare payers are creating partnerships with care delivery systems around the world and the Joint Commission International has accredited 170 facilities world wide.  However, whilst healthcare payers are reportedly increasing offshore ini


Healthcare reform across Asia Pacific (AP) will gain much needed infusion of cash, catching the spirit of U.S. ARRA stimulus funding.  Last week in Australia, New South Wales Government promised $485M over 4 years to deliver better healthcare, including creation of a Bureau of Health Information to collect, analyze and report on the safety and quality of patient care in public hospitals.  At the federal level, we expect much more and the anticipated June 2009 report from last year's established Na

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Physician Rating Sites: Good Idea? Bad Idea?

By Lynne A. Dunbrack

Provider ranking sites are in the news again (click here, here and here) with the usual debate about whether physicians can be rated like restaurants by Zagat or handymen on Angie's List.  Both sites now rate health professionals.  On the pro side of the debate is that the ranking of products and services is a fundamental concept of consumerism.  Consumers are being asked to be more financially accountable in their healthcare decision making and are thus seeking more online decision supp

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As we enter 2009, recessionary conditions that began in 2008 have had an effect on both the U.S. and the global economies. This, in turn, has changed the expectations for healthcare information technology spending in 2009. In a report published this week, Health Industry Insights presents the results of a survey of hospital CIOs that attempts to quantify the impact of the economic downturn on their IT budgets.

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