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The House Leadership Bill: Affordable Health Care for America Act (H.R. 3962), October 29, 2009 establishes a clear mandate for healthcare coverage for all Americans.  Beyond this, it leaves much of the current insurance and delivery system unchanged, with studies and recommendations regarding payment and some delivery changes to be addressed later.  Although a new public health insurance option to be delivered through a National Health Insurance Exchange is included, no specific mandate for compe

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The Ambulatory EMR Short Lists

By Judy Hanover

With the passing of the HITECH Act in February of 2009, providers gained an unprecedented opportunity to receive incentive payments for implementing and using eligible electronic medical records (EMRs) under the conditions laid out in the law.  In order to take advantage of the subsidies, providers must implement and demonstrate meaningful use of the EMR technology by specific deadlines, beginning in 2010.  This incentive is driving interest in EMRs in all types of ambulatory practices.

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