Top 10 Predictions for Provider Health IT in 2013

By November 14, 2012
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IDC Health Insights' top 10 healthcare provider predictions identify major trends that will impact the U.S. provider IT landscape in 2013, and the technology investments that will help providers to succeed in the coming year.

On my research agenda for the upcoming year, I'll be turning away from foundational technologies for meaningful use, and moving toward applications, infrastructure and analytics solutions that will help organizations prepare for accountable care and healthcare reform. Key themes across all areas of the healthcare predictions for 2012 include technologies to support healthcare reform, the evolution of analytics and other solutions to handle the large volumes of data emerging from clinical systems, cloud computing, mobile devices and storage solutions. Predictions 2013 also analyzes the roles for IDC's four pillar technologies - cloud, mobile, social and big data - for providers in 2013.

The predictions focus on the 2013 time frame, but include continuing and evolving trends as well as those with a longer implementation time frame than a single year, but which will enjoy significant attention and investment from provider organizations in 2013.

The 2013 provider predictions include:

  1. Health reform:  the status quo persists after the 2012 elections
  2. Meaningful use is still a work in progress, but providers are starting to look ahead
  3. Supplier and provider consolidation accelerate
  4. Provider investment in private cloud keeps pace with on-site deployments
  5. Providers will continue to explore accountable care in payer-provider partnerships
  6. Provider attention to revenue cycle grows
  7. Consumers begin to abandon PCs, embrace mobile for engagement with providers
  8. Providers will experiment with social media, but challenges still persist
  9. PACS replacement drives vendor-neutral archive investment
  10. Providers see potential for big data, but lack capital for investment

The 2013 provider predictions specifically cover the healthcare provider market; additional predictions reports that cover connected health technologies, accountable care and the adjoining healthcare payer and life science markets will be available. A full discussion of the predictions and their implications for particular industry segments and participants will be included in the full reports; look for them on in December, and register for the free IDC Health Insights Predictions 2013: Health web conference on December 4 at 11:00 a.m. U.S. Eastern time by visiting Feel free to contact me at, follow me on Twitter @JudyHanover or use the Forum for any questions or comments.


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