The Second Wave of Clinical Mobility: Strategic Solution Investments for Mobile Point of Care

By November 29, 2011
OfflineLynne A. Dunbrack

The highly collaborative and mobile nature of clinical teams makes the strategic investment in clinical mobility solutions essential to meet the intense demands being placed on healthcare providers today.  Many of the same drivers of health reform – the need to improved access, quality of care, patient safety, and clinician efficiency to treat more patients cost effectively – are setting in motion the second wave of clinical mobility. 

IDC Health Insights recently conducted a Clinical Mobility Buyer Behavior Study, which was sponsored by Intel, to examine healthcare provider clinical mobility current and future spending.  Some of the key findings from this study include:

  • On average, clinicians typically use 6.4 different mobile devices on a daily basis within the institution.
  • Pervasive computing and clinical mobility are placing new demands on the data center and IT organization, specifically in the areas of connectivity, performance, usability, manageability and security.
  • Security was ranked as the most important attribute for mobile devices used in healthcare setting by 54% of survey respondents across the globe.  It was the most widely reported technology currently in production and was the leading investment category in 2011. 
  • Application servers (62%), desktop/client virtualization (50%) and software distribution solutions to manage and support mobile applications (50%) were among the top 3 infrastructure technologies in production, and were among the top 5 for future investment. 
  • Laptops are the dominant mobile device (84%), but healthcare provider organizations will be increasingly investing in smartphones and tablets in the next 12 to 24 months.

Scott Lundstrom, Group Vice President, will be presenting these findings at the Intel Executive Briefing held in conjunction with the mHealth Summit in Washington DC next week (December 6).  He will also be moderating a panel that will delve into new uses and potential innovation opportunities to leverage mobile technology to transform healthcare and provide collaborative care, as well as best practices and lessons learned for deploying clinical mobility technology across the enterprise. 

Click here to register for the event in DC.  Not going to mHealth Summit?  Click here to register for the IDC Health Insights and Intel Webcast, mHealth and the Second Wave of Clinical Mobility, on December 14 at 2:00 EST.

If you'd like more information about the Clinical Mobility Buyer Behavior Study feel free to contact me.


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