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The U.S. healthcare provider information technology (IT) market has experienced extreme growth and change since the introduction of accountable and value-based care, following the passage of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) of 2010. As providers seek to optimize their operations under value-based care business models, the need to rationalize storage for medical images and accommodate the growing variety and volume of unstructured content being created in new, network-based healthcare organizations (HCOs) has become acute. The growing need for management of unstructured content — whether the requirements are for traditional archives or real-time access repositories, or a combination of these capabilities — has led to increased adoption of vendor-neutral archives (VNAs) to manage DICOM files as well as a second generation of more patient-centric technology, the application-independent clinical archive (AICA). This IDC MarketScape focuses on VNA and AICA platforms that allow providers to manage and provide access to disparate types of unstructured content, among multiple departments, across the entire integrated delivery network (IDN), and between affiliated providers in the community.

IDC Health Insights is excited to launch the HealthTech Rankings! The Call for Entries has now opened and IDC Health Insights would like to welcome nominations of healthcare companies for the 2016 HealthTech Rankings. Read on for more information…

Healthcare IT services companies that are large, diversified, and deeply embedded with the largest payers and providers will enjoy competitive advantage in the near to medium term.

While IT is probably the only ones talking about the 3rd platform, key stakeholders holding company purse strings have continued their focus on productivity, performance, and outcomes as ongoing justification of internal resources remains tightly managed. While seemingly simple, operational excellence in life science R&D remains challenging as the goalposts continue to move, driven by both changing business models and rapid innovation (both scientific and technological). This is not expected to change in 2016 (and beyond), but the pace of progress is expected to greatly exceed that of times past. Agility, regulatory rigor, and ease of transition will be among the key differentiators separating the winners from the losers in 2016, driving the industry closer towards the operational maturity already present in other industries.

IDC Health Insights’ annual top 10 predictions report – IDC FutureScape: Worldwide Healthcare 2016 Predictions – provides healthcare executives with a road map for the next 36 months that prioritizes investments and identifies the areas of the business that will be affected and the relative complexity and cost of each initiative. The range of predictions provides a broad spectrum of guidance for life science companies, healthcare payers, and providers. Each of the 10 predictions includes the IT impact and guidance for action.

IDC has just published its Worldwide Predictions for the IT industry (, and the various industry sectors including healthcare ( The main theme for this year is enabling the digital transformation at a larger scale, helping organizations in introducing new business models, products, and services that seamlessly blend digital and physical and business and customer experiences while improving operational efficiency and organizational performance.
Third platform technologies and innovation accelerators are the warp and woof of the new IT infrastructure of the enterprise. IDC predicts that overall "Within the next two years, 3rd Platform technologies will finally account for the majority of annual IT spending: CIOs and their LOB colleagues will finally be living in a 3rd Platform-centered IT world. By 2020, 3rd Platform spending will rise to over 60% of all IT spending. IT departments will be required to scale up from simple "competency" with 3rd Platform techs to "mastery" of these technologies.
What does this change in investment priorities mean for an industry as healthcare providers?

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