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Marshal McLuhan's 1964 adage "The medium is the message" continues to be prescient. The rise of the Internet and social media has disrupted traditional approaches to marketing and public relations – creating a need for new approaches to content generation and distribution. It takes practice, customer service skills, and the ability to write on the fly. Most firms cannot do it alone – they need a guide to get them started and help maintain their course. IDC talks with a communications veteran to learn how firms can navigate the ever-changing waters of social media.

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Acumatica is holding its 3rd annual Partner Summit in Lansdowne, Virginia this week (Aug 19-23, 2013). Never heard of Acumatica? Well that is about to change. Acumatica, with headquarters in Kirkland, Washington, is one of the fastest-growing cloud-ready ERP solutions in the market. They are laser focused on the small/medium business space with both Acumatica-branded solutions as well as an impressive line-up of OEM partners. There's a lot to like about Acumatica, including its focus on cloud ready ERP for the small-medium business market and its partner strategy.

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