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The leaders of our organizations, the supporting management teams and our direct managers all play a key role in shaping the way users communicate, the way information is accessed and the way work gets done. This can come through encouraging structured or unstructured conversations to illicit feedback on performance and outcomes, allowing a user to be autonomous in the way they complete a task or project, enabling a user to choose the relevant personal tools that allow users to be more productive in the context of work, there would be some acknowledgement that all users are now expected to do more with less and that the working day can now span 5 to 9 rather than 9 to 5. It is critical for leaders to understand all user productivity cues, workflow, approvals, devices, tools, applications, etc in order to understand where social workflow can be of mutual benefit to the company and to the user. Delivering this mutual benefit drives business value, through measured outcomes and outputs as well as forming the basis of a more engaged, a more productive and a more social business.

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