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The acquisition of Yammer by Microsoft last week for $1.2 billion in cash was a big deal for the folks at Yammer and was a clear admission by Microsoft that they needed to acquire and build a foot print in enterprise social software. Discussion of the logistics around the transaction are a matter of course, as with any acquisition of this nature. What the deal does do though is help to address a much larger issue that has been bubbling for some time.

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Social Enterprise Meets Social Business Reality

By Vanessa Thompson

The Cloudforce event in Sydney, Australia last week had over 5700 registered attendees up more than 200% from 1800 in 2011. This is a clear signal that not only is the brand now recognized by a broad section of the business community, but that Australians are warming up to SaaS for CRM and as well as email and other collaboration workloads.

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